Victoria Harness Racing Sports Club

The Victoria Harness Racing Sports Club (VHRSC) is the key association representing and supporting Harness Racing Owners and their Club Members in Victoria.

VHRSC has been instrumental in offering additional bonus race prizemoney for Harness Racing Owners across the State every year, along with the fabulous support of Country Clubs. In the current season, a total of seventy six (76) $1,500 bonuses are on offer, representing an additional $100,000+ bonus race prizemoney across 20 different racetracks in Victoria.

To ensure your horses are eligible to win these bonuses, we encourage all owners to be Members of VHRSC. Basically, the conditions to make your horse(s) eligible are that, if your horse has 2 or more owners listed, you just need two of the owners to be Full Members of VHRSC to be eligible to win the bonus. There is no limit to how many bonuses your individual horses can win throughout the season.

Along with the fabulous entitlement of bonus race eligibility for Owners, VHRSC Membership provides a host of wide-ranging and valuable membership benefits.  Each year the Association organises regular member events whereby Members and Owners are able to network and socialise amongst like-mind people; share their passion for harness racing and horse ownership.  VHRSC continues to plan for more exciting raceday experiences for both Members and Owners into the future. VHRSC Full Memberships start at only $99.

VHRSC is an effective channel of communication through which the views of its Members in their capacity as Standardbred horse owners are reflected to Harness Racing Victoria. VHRSC and its Committee are extremely proud to be the major voice for Harness Racing Owners in Victoria. 

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