2017 Breeders Crown: Hear from the Race To Royalty champs

27 August 2017 | Trots Media

Chris Alford salutes as Wobelee wins TAB Breeders Crown final.

Chris Alford salutes as Wobelee wins TAB Breeders Crown final.

Legends are made on Super Sunday when the Race To Royalty brings some of Australasia's best horses together for the TAB Breeders Crown.

Stay tuned for words from the winning connections soon after their triumph.

Aldebaran Park Breeders Crown 2YO trotting colts and geldings


Driver Chris Alford says:

"They have long years these horses and he was probably on his worst behaviour today, he wouldn't even warm up. He kept getting to the gate, jacking up and stopping in the middle of the track.

"When he got to the first turn he just slammed the brakes on like he was going to pull up again. I think Anthony's horse (Smashthemcalder) may have run into the back of him for a few strides, thankfully he didn't gallop.

"Then he sort of got his mind on the job. I had to keep yelling at him just to keep him thinking.

"I didn't want to be out in front by myself, I had to yell at him to keep him concentrating. He was good, good run today. Two minutes on this bad day, windy and that. He'll have a nice rest now and hopefully come back better next year.

"It's good to have this race first and get it out of the way."

Aldebaran Park Breeders Crown 2YO trotting fillies


Trainer Jack Harrington says:

"It's great to be here. I couldn't have imagined being here 12 months ago.

"(A trainer of three years), it's been pretty hard going, but having a horse like her makes it all worthwhile.

"I've had good people teach me what it is all about. Great mentors along the way and I couldn't be more grateful.

"I was actually surprised (all the owners) came over, but it's great to have everyone here."

Woodlands Breeders Crown 3YO trotting colts and geldings


Driver Kate Gath says:

"He's a funny horse, he never travels that well, even when he won at Maryborough he was off the bit a fair way out. I think he probably does need a spell. Since we've had him he's got a bit tired, so he's done a good job today and hopefully after a freshen up he comes back a bit better.

"He had pretty good form in New Zealand and when we got him I liked him, but he didn't do anything special at home. Luckily today this race probably wasn't as hard as they normally are, but barrier seven was a huge worry. I do think he's probably better off the pace. Hopefully he's learning and we were sort of forced to do what we did from the draw. He was able to get the job done.

"(Owner) Norm (Jenkin's) been really good to us, he's just bought quite a few horses from New Zealand the last 12 months. He gets a huge thrill out of it and we're extremely lucky that he keeps buying these horses and as a result we're able to win good races."

Woodlands Stud Breeders Crown 3YO fillies


Driver Michael Stanley says:

"Whether or not she's a superstar in other people's eyes she is in ours. She's been at the top of these races all year, to cap off the season with a win like that in the Breeders Crown, which is the best of the best in Australasia, is just unbelievable.

"Barrier draws are just a number and you have to deal with it each time you go out. To be able to hold the challenges early and have your main fancies chasing you for a change, in harness racing we all know is really hard to do. We were happy to roll along and had great confidence that whatever the outcome she'd give us 110 per cent like she always does."

Always B Miki Breeders Crown 2YO fillies


Driver Chris Alford says:

"She's a super filly, she just doesn't know how to lay down. Apart from being strong she's fast as well, it was a shame she lost last week by a nose, but to come back today and win was just a super effort.

"She settled really nice early, there was a little bit of speed out of the gate. She travelled around really good and always felt really strong. When we decided to get going off the back she just put the other one (Our Better Joy) away. The other one (Our Angel Of Harlem) nearly run her down, but thankfully she stuck her head out and was too good."

IRT Breeders Crown 3YO Colts & Geldings


Driver Chris Alford says:

"I'm just rapt for this little fella. He was just struggling away a little bit a couple of months ago with some issues, but Clayton (Tonkin) and Emma (Stewart) have done a great job to get him back to his old self.

"He had a little bit of luck with the leader galloping and being able to get to the front, but he still had to go pretty fast to win and he's a great little horse.

"It was interesting. I didn't really want to trail Mista Lombo and then the leader broke so we got the front. I thought Stars Align had dropped in on my back, and then when Jilliby (Kung Fu) come I thought, 'oh well, we will be able to take a trail here and get him behind us'. Then when I looked I thought, 'oh no, (Stars Align's) not on the fence', that sort of mucked it up a little bit.

"(Our Little General) stuck his little head out and he won. He's got a heart as big as himself and it just shows size doesn't mean everything."

Woodlands Stud Breeders Crown 2YO Colts & Geldings


Driver David Butcher says:

"I think the way he went today, he's obviously improved during the week. He was always travelling, they kept coming and kept having a look at him, and we kept going and I'm glad we got there first.

"He's only just learning too, a big effort. (Ray Green's) team have come over a couple of times and just haven't got it right and I'm lucky enough to be the one that's got it for them.

"Always love coming over here and winning, you can't beat it."

Yabby Dam Racing Breeders Crown 3YO Trotting Fillies


Driver Nathan Jack says:

"For this mare to finally get a Group 1 is really special and I'm sure the gang at Yabby Dam will cherish it.

"Anton (Golino's) head is on the chopping block if something goes wrong so you have to give him a lot of the credit. For him to stick by me and put me on I'm just over the moon."

Trainer Anton Golino says:

"It's been a great year with these fillies. I couldn't wish for any more, I want to thank all my staff, Pat has stuck by us. It's amazing what he's doing for the sport and no one deserves it more than him. We appreciate it."